Learning from marketing communication and M&S project

22 Jan

I still remember that in the first lesson, we watched a video about two babies chatting together.I was funny and it also made me realize that communication is not all about words or information. It is all about feelings and emotional connection. It is true in marketing communication as well as in daily interaction with people. So for the M&S project, our team is not merely a team for work.We talk together, solve problem together and learn together. There are six people in our group, two English, three Chinese and one guy comes from Ukraine.We have different cultural background and different way in communication. Although we met many challenges and problems,but we did our best to achieve the goal.

(1) Group work and Challenges

The first step we took is create name and color for our agency. We decided use BLUE for our agency because blue stands for stability and can leave people an impression as professional. We named our agency as FINGERPRINT because each fingerprint is unique and we regard every customer is unique. After having the name, we started to do some research about M&S. Here, I met my first problem. Actually, it was a problem for all us three Chinese girls. Because there is no M&S in China, we do not know much about this British company. But it was not a big problem for us. We searched a lot of  articles online about M&S in order to know its history and its current situation. Meanwhile, our British colleagues gave us a lot of help. After having a basic knowledge about M&S, we decided to really go into the M&S stores and talk with its customers. We think this should be the quickest way and most effective way to know what do they think and what do they want. Then, Based on the information we obtained from our interview and the data from its annual report. We finally created a new marketing plan for M&S. During this process, everyone provided their own idea. But many of them have been rejected because of target market issue. The biggest problem we met was the budget breakdown. None of us was familiar with that. We searched online but did not get much useful information and we talked with other classmates via Facebook and they were facing the same problem. So for the budget part, we just based on how much did M&S spend in 2011 and 2012 and then made a brief budget breakdown. As for the presentation, we agreed that everyone need to take a part of it. It shows that we are a team. We created it together and present it together.

(2) Learning and Future

I should say that it was an amazing experience. From this project, I gained a deep understanding about marketing communication. I got a brief idea about the whole process of marketing plan creation. Additionally, as we are digital marketing, apart from traditional marketing, we should think everything in digital first. Besides TV and press, website and social media are two areas that we should pay more attention on. Moreover, working as an agency improved my teamwork skill. There are essential skills for me in my future marketer career path.


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