Job hunter–skills!skills!skills!

13 Nov

It is no doubt that we will face a big task one year later–get a job.Although I have a bachelor degree from a top-20 university in China and a master degree from a renowned university in UK,it does not mean I can get a job easily. Nowadays, employers expect more than degrees. Here is a term,employability skills,which means these skills can make us standing out of the crowd. I searched several job search websites to find out what kind of skills do companies need in marketing field.I browsed some British websites as well as Chinese ones. I will list three here.

First one:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Company: Red Square International
  • From:


  1. 3-5 years marketing experience.
  2. Knowledge of UK business culture.
  3. Fluency in Russian and English.
  4. Relevant industry experience.
  5. Communication skills and ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  6. Highly motivated and well organised individual.
  7. Professional attitude and demeanour.
  8. Strong contacts with either HNWIS (High Net Worth Individual) or corporate clients are desirable.

second one:

  • Digital marketing Manager
  • Company: Jackson Rose
  • From:


  1. Be able to work closely with a variety of internal departments,external agencies and stakeholders.
  2. Strong project management skills.
  3. The ability to take ownership of projects,supported by the digital team,from idea phase through to reporting.
  4. Proven extensive knowledge of a range of applications and software including social media platforms.content management systems,image-editing software,MS windows, audio editing.
  5. Experience of content creation and syndication via digital.
  6. Experience of positive blogger and influence outreach.
  7. Experience of digital activation of events.

Third one;

  • Marketing Manager(digital)
  • Company: ONLY Clothes
  • (a Chinese job search website)


  1. Positive work ethic with a willingness to engage with and love our brand.
  2. Confident,passionate,enthusiastic about digital.
  3. Excellent project management skills.
  4. Demonstrated ability to be both a strategist and strong act driving execution.
  5. Strong collaborative problem solving and analytical skills.
  6. Good relationship management skills and good team player.
  7. Creative flair and enthusiasm for new idea and concepts.
  8. Commercial awareness.
  9. Proven experience with segmentation and online test and learn.
  10. Degree (Business/ Marketing preferred)
  11. Minimum 5 years of marketing experience in China. Minimum of 3 years digital marketing experience.

These skills could be divided into two categories: marketing skills and personal skills.Just according to these three position requirements,marketing skills include working experience, knowledge of business culture, knowledge of some applications and softwares, management skill and analytical skill.Personal skills include team spirit, passionate, language skill,communication skills,attitude and enthusiasm.

For me, two biggest obstructs are language and culture. If I want to get a job after graduate, I need to do my best to improve my English. As for culture, I think  it is not only about history, current affairs or daily routine. It concerns more about mind,by that I mean, the way of thinking. The way of thinking influences the ideas we create,the action we take and the future we will have.  Additionally, communication skill and team spirit are also essential for us.These skills can not be obtained from text books. We are learning these skills from all kinds of social activities and work experiences.Even if I am not working now, Southampton University also provides various career activities for us. So I should make use of all sources to perfect myself. For instance, Digital Literacies Workshops are designed not only for digital students but also for all the people who are living in the Internet age. There are variety of topics such as ‘building your online profile for career development’ and ‘social media for researchers’,which are entertaining as well as educational. Career Destinations arrange various workshops that we can learn lots of essential skills such as leadership and critical thinking.

In terms of the professional knowledge, actually, English education system is totally different from Chinese education system.It is more creative,more independent and more initiative.As a postgraduate student, what professors do is setting up a structure of the knowledge,we need to explore and fill the content by ourselves. Honestly,it is a bit difficult for me but now I am getting used to it.And I am sure I will enjoy it. Nevertheless,no matter where will I stay,UK or China, what do I need to do now is cherish this opportunity to learn in a foreign country and make myself more employable!



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