New DNA Marketing Model, New View!

10 Nov

My first degree was Project Management. Except the principle of marketing, I did not  have many courses about marketing. But I like marketing, I enjoy dealing with people. I did several internships during the summer vacations when I was doing my bachelor degree. These internships were all about marketing. However, what I learnt and what I did before were both traditional marketing. I have to say that thanks to the Internet, marketing nowadays goes beyond a traditional one to a digital one. And not merely doing the traditional marketing on an electronic way, new marketing is a timely, interactive, smart way to get closer to customers.

From Dr Bev Hulbert’s lecture, I learnt marketing has experienced three evolutionary periods: ‘to market’,’marketing to’ and ‘marketing with’. The logic of marketing has also transformed from goods dominant logic(GDL) to service dominant logic(SDL). So instead of putting so much attention to marketing itself (such as 4P and SWOT analysis), contemporary marketing puts more emphasis on the customers. In the new DNA  marketing model, organization plays a ‘response’ role while customer plays an ‘ambassador’ role.

In a customer-led marketing, customer insight is the key(Harrigan and Hulbert,2011). That means company needs to find out what customers are feeling and whether they have a good experience. For this purpose, social media is a perfect platform to reach customers. Just as a quote in Harrigan and Hulbert’s article says “the Internet has opened up the whole area of managing the customer experience across channels, and it isn’t easy.”

Value is another key word for new marketing. It is a two-way thing which means companies provide value for customers such as good products,reasonable price and after-sales service, they want value from customers as well. These can be loyalty and WOM effect.

Data is the third indispensable element in new DNA model because it is an essential part in customer insight. It is closely related to Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and Customer Experience Management. As the data storage costs is declining. Companies are willing to do more data mining and statistic analytics to know their customers better.

As I just said, marketing is now in a ‘marketing with’ stage. I do like the word ‘with’. It makes me feel getting involved. Customer is no longer mere a target for marketing, they are a vital part of the marketing. I think it is not overstated that customers have become a key link in companies’ value chain. It is an excellent way to attract and maintain customers. There is a professional term for this– cocreation.

IKEA does a very good example in this aspect. They are not just produce ready furniture and sell them. What they do is making customers to assemble their own furniture. With doing this, customers create value for their home and value for IKEA at the same time.

Another case for cocreation is LUSH(

LUSH asks their customers to send their photos of using the products to them, with a note of their comments. Then LUSH puts those photos in their magazine,which is called LUSH TIMES, to introduce the products. These notes ,which are about user experiences, just like a kind of recommendation(WOM).

There are so many examples on Facebook. For instance, OREO(–Birthday of  the Day.COCA-COLA ZERO(–Unlock the 007 in YOU.

In my point of view, value is kind of two-way thing. It is not only ‘create or gain’, it should be ‘create with gain’.

New DNA model shows me a new manner of marketing.


Harrigan,P. and Hulbert,B.(2011),’How can Marketing Academics Serve Marketing Practice? The new Marketing DNA as a Model for Marketing Education’,Journal of Marketing Education,33(3),pp 253-272.


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