Access to a new world—-through these links!

8 Nov

From Facebook to Twitter,I get to know that social websites are not only a tool to know what is going on around me but also a stage to present myself. They just like a diary (but update much more frequently) to record everything I do everyday. Moreover, it is also a platform for us to sell ourselves. We could add the person who we want to work for as a Facebook friend. Then we comment at his/her feeds and leave messages to introduce ourselves. They get to know us so maybe we could be friends in real world someday and they can offer us a job! That is possible!

In addition to a new user of Facebook and Twitter, I am also a marketer. There are tons of websites which are very useful. Honestly, I did not know them before I came to UK. I would like to share them with you and it is also a good start for me to get familiar with them.

1 Google Docs:

Google Docs is a web-based document. It enables users to create and edit documents online and other users can get the information in real-time. The link above is an example document and it is exactly the one we used in our lecture.

2 LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is also a social networking website. But unlike Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn tends to be more professional. We post what we did with friends on Facebook but we share what we obtained from today’s lectures on LinkedIn. We add our friends on Facebook or follow a super singer on Twitter, but on LinkedIn,we link some people ‘on purpose’. By that I mean, they could be someone you admire or someone could be your potential employer.

3 Social Media Examiner:

  Just as its slogan, Social Media Examiner is our guide to the social media jungle. It is a very successful blog and very user-friendly. You provide your email address and they will deliver the latest articles via email!

The latest article is just about the WordPress–‘How to speed up your WordPress site‘.

Besides Social Media Examiner, there are far too many websites for us to catch up what is happening in social media world.For instance, the Mashable, the Alltop as well as the MarketingWeek(this one is focus on news about marketing).

4 Seth Godin : 

Seth Godin is an American entrepreneur, author and public speaker. Honestly, I do not know much about him. Our professor recommended the book Linchpin to us on the first day we started our course. So it must be very useful and well worth reading.

The similar blog is from Mari Smith. She is a marketing expert and social media though leader.We can get a lot of  knowledge by following her blog as well as her Facebook and Twitter.

In short, social media is more than a way to share your interesting photos with your friends.For me ,a student and a future marketer, it is a new area of marketing and there is a long way to go to get familiar with this fantastic new world!


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