Digital Marketing,Social Media—-More than Facebook!

5 Nov

When I first heard the digital marketing, the first thing came to my mind was eBay and Amazon.But after my first two weeks,I knew that I was wrong. Digital marketing is more than B2B or B2C online shopping websites. It is a new channel for companies to keep in touch with their customers and maintain a good relationship with them.

Digital Marketing is a promising field. With the increase of the web-population, companies put more attention to this area. Companies adopt digital marketing to reach their customers on a global scale.Take ‘Kit Kat’ as an example. When we search ‘Kit Kat’ on Facebook, what we get is not just ‘Kit Kat Japan’ but also ‘ Kit Kat Canada’,’Kit Kat Spain’ and ‘Kit Kat Arabia’. I have to say that Facebook and Twitter have become the two most popular ways for companies to contact their customers.By searching on, I find that just in UK, there are 1756 pages on Facebook and 357 profiles on Twitter.

According to the data from, the total number of Facebook user in UK is 33 190 940.So it is a bit behind the times if someone does not have a Facebook account.I joined in Facebook two months ago. I realize that Facebook is just like a name card. However,it tells more–which brands we like, which songs we share and even what lifestyle we have. Now I have 57 friends and be a member of three groups on Facebook. Due to the fact that Facebook is not available in China, now I need to manage two profiles–Facebook and Sina weibo(the most popular social media in China)–at the same time. But this makes me find the differences between Facebook and Sina weibo.I will lay out those differences later.

For companies, Facebook is a good way to get more information about their customers. Many companies use Facebook as a tool to build their brands.They launch various activities on Facebook such as ‘get a free sample by clicking the advertisement'(by VICHY UK & IRELAND) and ‘my perfect latte photo competition'(by Starbucks).It is the same for Chinese companies. They launch their new products on Sina weibo or hold a lucky draw on this website to make more people follow them. Those social websites also enable companies to hear the voice from their customers. Customers can leave a message on their pages and comment on their feeds.

But there are many differences between Facebook and Sina weibo. I am not saying the layout or the applications they have.I mean, the attitude.For instance, I follow both the L’oreal UK on Facebook and the L’oreal China on Sina weibo. I find that on Facebook, they reply to their customers’ comment. Not all, just part of them. But they do that. On the contrary, on Sina weibo, L’oreal seldom replies the comments. I even not sure if they read them or not.I think it is because Chinese marketers have not realized the importance of social media. They regard social media as a one-way communication channel. It is a problem but also an opportunity for all Chinese marketers.

Now,I am getting used to this new social website. However, there are still many challenges I have to address. First of all, I need to build my online connections from nothing to everything. All my friends are using Sina weibo. I cannot find them on Facebook. On the other hand, after one year, when I graduate and go back China , I cannot keep in touch with my Facebook friends anymore! It is very annoying. Secondly, culture knowledge is another weak aspect for me. When we were discussing a local brand during class, I found myself even never heard it before, let alone giving my own idea about it. But I am doing my best to catch up. They are both challenges and opportunities. By addressing these problems, I am sure I will gain many benefits for my career. There is a saying that ‘methods are always more than problems’. I can solve my problems step by step–set up Facebook account as well as Twitter account, manage them carefully, read more books and newspapers and ask more! For my English problem, which is the basic problem, I know there are many good sources online such as BBC NEWS and EPA toolkit. So it can not be my excuse to fall behind.

Besides Facebook, I also get to know other useful websites, for instance, Twitter, LinkedIn and Slideshare. Those websites are good channels to obtain latest information and also a stage to present ourselves. It is essential for us to build our own brand online. It seems a big task. We need to set up our brand from nothing. But actually ,it can be as simple as keeping a record of our online life. I mean, we need to make use of online sources as well as the social media to help our careers. LinkedIn with the person you want to work for, follow the person who may offer you a job on Twitter and like the page of the company you want to work at.

It is simple but not easy. Let us build our brands from today!


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